10th Russian Rogaining Championships
Saratovskaya Oblast, Khvalynsk
October 56, 2013
I. Format and Rules
The Russian Rogaining Championships will be held as a 24 hour rogaining event and in accordance with the Russian Rogaining Rules.

II. Time and Place
The event will take place on October 5-6, 2013 on the territory of Khvalynsky Municipal District of Saratov Oblast. The event center is Khvalynsky Alpine Ski Resort. Distance from the event center to start/finish area is 13 km.

III. Travel Information
Khvalynsk Town is located in the north of Saratov Oblast, close to the border with three other regions (oblasts). It borders with  Ulyanovsk Oblast in the north, Samara Oblast in the northeast, and Penza Oblast in the northwest.The distance to administrative centers: to Saratov 230 km, to Samara 250 km, Ulyanovsk 230 km, Penza 280 km.

The nearest airports are at Samara (230 km) and Saratov (240 km). Chartered bus transportation is arranged upon request.
The nearest railway stations are Vozrozhdeniye (45 km) and Syzran (75 km). Chartered bus transportation is also upon request.

IV. Accomodation
Accommodation Type
Distance to event center, km.
Distance to start/finish area, km
Price per person per night, rubles
Hotel and cottages of Khvalynsky Alpine Ski Resort
from 500
Phone: +78459522667, +79271241877
Camping at the event center  (the territory of Khvalynsky Alpine Ski Resort)
100 per all days
camping gas, cafe
Car parking, toilets, water, electricity for phones charging
Versta Guest House
from 650
Homemade cuisine
Phone: +79372251190, +78459526284
Khvalynsky National Park Guest House
from 300
: +7 9173255115
Pestchera MonakhaRehabilitation Center
upon request
Phone: +79271419144
Private housing at Khvalynsk
from 300

V. Terrain
- elevation from 28 to 369 m above sea level.
- rough terrain.
- the maximum vertical drop at slopes 290 m.
- the elevation at the competition area varies from 28 to 369 m.
- the terrain includes the town of Khvalynsk (15 km2) and two small villages.
- soil quality is variable - from calcareous or siliceous claystones, sometimes forming separate rocks or boulders on the slopes, to very soft sands and chalks.
- Water objects are insignificant - streamlets in ravines and ponds. There are many springs over the area.
- The competition area is wooded steppes. Due to roughness of the terrain, its vegetation obviously varies with slope exposure.  The northern slopes is a thick set, at some places with underwood; the southern are open or semi-open, with isles of dense bushes. Many slopes are covered with steppe and meadow grasses. Among wood species prevail oaks, lindens, pines (both artificially or naturally grown), birches, and aspens.
- Wildlife. The most part of competition area belongs to Khvalynsky National Park a zone of special protection. Here the rareset specimens of flora and fauna may be found. The animals are common to wooded steppe: boars (- in abundance), deers, elks, wolves, lynxes. Competitors may also encounter venomous snakes (vipers).
- Points of cultural and natural interest. About a thousand of archaelogical records of different epochs are discovered in the region. Among them are two dozens of ancient settlements, dating VI B.C. Now and then, Khvalynsk is called Thuringia-on-the-Volga or Switzerland-on-the-Volga. Picturesque downs covered with relic vegetation, together with clear water springs create a beneficial and healing atmosphere, that is very attractive for therapy, recreation and tourism.
- Forest tracks are overgrowning. A few asphaltic roads (at some places of a good quality) connect small villages. These roads have low traffic intensity. 
- A hazardous place is the federal low-intensity highway Saratov-Samara, just in the middle of competition area. It is strictly forbidden to cross and even enter the highway or its roadside. Competitors should cross the road at the places defined by organizers: at the pedestrian crossing or along water-conduit tubes beneath the road.
VI. Map
- Scale 1: 33333.
- Contour interval 10 m.
- 2 format, printed on water- and tear-resistant material.
- Prepared in 2013.
- Fieldwork, map corrections and drawing by: Alexey Averyanov, K.Firsov, D.Postnov.

VII. Climate and Weather
According to annual statistics and long-term weather forecast, the most likely day-time temperatures during competitions are +10 - +20, and overnight ones are +2 - +8.  Rains are possible.

VIII. Participants and Teams.
A team shall consist of 2 to 5 members, each of them no younger than 16 year old. The rogainers shall compete in the following categories:
Competition Category
Men's Open
men, no age restriction
Women's Open
women, no age restriction
Mixed Open
at least one man and one woman, no age restriction
Men's Junior
men, all must be under 20 years of age
Women's Junior
women, all must be under 20 years of age
Mixed Junior
at least one man and one woman, all must be under 20 years of age
Men's Veteran
men, all must be 40 years of age or over
Women's Veteran
women, all must be 40 years of age or over
Mixed Veteran
at least one man and one woman, all must be 40 years of age or over
Men's Super Veteran
men, all must be 55 years of age or over
Women's Super Veteran
women, all must be 55 years of age or over
Mixed Super Veteran
at least one man and one woman, all must be 55 years of age or over
Competition placings are awarded in several sections based on the age and gender composition of teams. The age of participants is defined for the 1st day of competitions (October 5, 2013).
Each team shall have at least one member eighteen years of age or over.
All competitors shall sign an indemnity form to confirm that they are participating in the championships at their own risk. For minor participants a signature of a full-aged team representative or a trainer is required. Each competitor shall have at his/her possession and produce to organizers a compulsory medical insurance policy.
IX. Timetable
Friday, October 4
09:00 Camping at Khvalynsky Alpine Ski Resort opens
15:00-21:00 Registration and model training (start from the event center)

Saturday, October 5
08:30 1st bus departure from the event center to start area (9:00 - 2nd bus, 9:30 - 3d bus)
09:30 Distribution of maps
12:00 Start
15:00 Catering for competitors available
18:00 Hot meals for competitors available
18:14 Moonset
18:16 Sunset
18:50 End civil twilight

Sunday, October
8:30 Moonrise
06:25 Beginning of civil twilight
07:00 Sunrise
12:00 Finish
12:30 End of time limit - finish closing, and publishing of preliminary results
13:00 Catering closes
13:30 End of protests acceptance, final results publishing
13:30 Last bus to the event center (departure from 10:00 as the bus gets full)
15:00 Prize-giving and competition closing ceremony
20:00 Rogaining after-party
Monday, October 7
12:00 Camping closes
X. Punching system
Electronic punching system Sport Ident will be used. During the rogaine every competitor has to have one SI card. Competitors may use their own SI cards (if they have the high capacity cards - version SI6, SI10, SI11) or they can borrow one from the organisers. Please specify your demand via on-line entry form. The following types of Sport Ident cards are not allowed: SI-Card5, SI-Card8, SI-Card9, pCard, tCard, SIAC1.
SI cards are to be securely attached to the wrists of competitors with special wristbands by competitors themselves.  It is forbidden to fasten the wristband with sticky tape, insulating tape, etc., as it impedes to control the wristband integrity! At the entrance to the start area the organizers will check the attachment of SI card to competitors wrist and on the finish line the integrity of sealing.
When at a checkpoint, insert the SI-card into the hole on the SI station and wait for a feedback beep and a flash, then withdraw the card.
As a SI card can hold a limited number of punches, a competitor should punch the station only once. Otherwise the SI-card memory may get full. A repeating signal while an IS-card is inserted into the hole of the station doesnt mean several punches, a new punch is made if an SI-card was withdrawn and inserted into the hole once again.
All members of one team shall record a visit to checkpoint within 2 minutes, otherwise they will not gain points for this checkpoint. Thus, it is strongly recommended for those participants who arrive to checkpoint first to wait for other team members coming, and then punch the station.
On finish line all team members are to punch a Finish station.
If the electronic recording device being lost or wristband of any team member is broken all the team will be disqualified and their points will be annulated.
Participants should treat their SI-cards with due care, protecting them from loss or damage. The penalty for loss of a borrowed SI-card is 1800 rubles.
If a team voluntarily withdraws, they are asked to give SI-cards back to organizers. Lost and not-returned SI-cards numbers will be entered to missing cards database, and it will be impossible to use them at any time thereafter.

XI. Registration, start and finish procedures
All competitors shall get informed of possible hazards, as well as of protective and emergency actions before registration, and fill in an indemnity form. a full-aged team representative or a trainer is to sign the form on behalf of a minor team member, thus assuming responsibility.
A team representative gives duly signed idemnity forms to organizers, shows them a medical insurance policy, pays the fees, and receives a parcel, containing event information, bib numbers, safety pins, SI chips borrowed from organizers, wristbands for SI cards for all team members.
To make any changes to a team, or to register on the spot, one is to fill up a special form provided at registration desk.
Distance from the event center to start/finish area is about 13 km. Participants can use charter bus (only from the event center) to get to the start. Free car parking will be provided near the start area. Some big tents will be pitched. Toilets will be arranged. There is no drinking water source in the start area, thus, we kindly ask to make provisions beforehand (at the place of accommodation). 
Competitors will get maps at the start area. 
Competitors can enter the fenced start zone 30 min before the start time. At the entrance organizers will be checking the equipment, the SI cards attachment, and punches the participants SI-card at the Check station. Punching the Check station serves as a proof that the competitor passed through the start area. Those participants, who fail to punch the Check station, are qualified as not started.
At 12:00 the fence is removed and participants start.
All members of a team shall punch Finish SI station. The team finish time is the latest time recorded by any team member at the finish.
We recommend to survey the Finish SI station position before the race starts.
After team finishes, the organizers will remove the wristbands from each team members' wrists and read out the SI cards. Rented SI cards are returned to organizers.
After all the above-described procedures participants may visit hash house.

XII. Scoring
A teams score shall be the value of the checkpoints visited and correctly verified in accordance with these rules, less any penalties. The point penalty for finishing late is 1 point per each minute or part thereof. Teams finishing more than 30 minutes late will be deemed ineligible for placing and their result will be recorded as 'LATE'.The team with the greatest score, or in the event of a tie the team that finished earlier, shall be awarded the higher placing.

XIII. Catering during competition
Regular hash house will be available during the race from 18:00 October, 5th to 13:00 October, 6th  in the event center (included in the entry fee). Menu will include soup, porridge, fruit, dried fruit, biscuits, tea. Please, observe order, this will save your time!
There will be several water drops on the course, marked blue rings and letter W on the competition map. No food will be provided at those points.

Medical aid
Qualified medical professionals will be on duty at the start area during the whole duration of the event to provide first aid if required.
If in case of emergency in the terrain other members of the team please and other teams if necessary shall do their best to transport the injured participant to ambulance.

XV. Compulsory equipment
- Map,
- Visibly attached team number submitted by organizers;
- Mobile phone with battery charged for at least 24 hours. The orginizers emergency number should be in the phone database!
- Clothing and shoes in line with the weather;
- Magnetic compass;
- Watch.
On the course, the possession of any navigation aid (with the exception of magnetic compass and simple watch) i.e. pedometers, altimeters, GPS receivers, etc., including integrated in mobile phones or watch devices, IS PROHIBITED.

XVI. Recommended equipment
Torch or head light with battery charged for at least 12 hours; first aid kit; survival (thermal) blanket; camel bag with no less then 1.5 l water or hydrocarbon drink supply; high energy food (energy bars, gels, etc.).
Use of mobile phones and other radio receiving and transmitting equipment during the competition is strictly forbidden. The exception is emergency case when a competitor requires medical help or cannot continue traveling on foot and the team withdraws; or if there were discovered some problem with a control not functioning, broken or stolen.

In case of an emergency try to reach the organizers by calling the following numbers as soon as possible: +79173135800, +78452588348.

XVII. Entry
Registration is open from July 1 untill September 15, 2013 via on-line entry form on the rrc2013.rogaining.ru web-site.
Each team shall submit the following data: first and last name of a participant, gender, date of birth, city (region) he/she is representing, SI-card number (if there is any). Each team shall appoint one member to be a representative, and supply his mailing address and telephone number to organizers. Registered entrants will be invited via the representatives email to confirm their entry.
Entries on the spot are possible if there will be some free vacancies.

XVIII. Entry fees, competition financing
The costs of organisation and set up of the event, trophies and awards, and the IRF levy are refunded by entry fees and sponsor contributions.
Entries and payment (per competitor)
from 01.07 to 15.09
from 16.09 to 3.10
On the spot
Participants from 18 to 55 years old
1 200 rubles
1 600 rubles
2 000 rubles
Participants younger than 18 and older than 55 years old
800 rubles
1 000 rubles
1 300 rubles

SportIdent card rental (if necessary) 150 rubles/pc.
Charter bus from the event center to start area and back (if necessary) 100 rubles.
A team fee is the sum of all fees of its members.
The entry fee covers the costs of participation in competition, maps per each team member, hot catering during the race.
The entry fee and SI-card rental amounts will be payed by a money transfer to organizer bank account.
The payment should be made to the account below (not suitable for payments from abroad!)
SportMir - 440033, Saratov, Ulitsa.5-Dachnaya, 70/2-5
INN (Tax payer ID)
KPP Code 645301001
Account number 40702810100000000776
BIK (Bank ID) 046322801
Correspondent account 30101810700000000801
with Saratov Office of Gazneftbank
Payment purpose description: Entry fee for participation in Russian Rogaining Championships 2013, VAT free.
By reasonable prior arrangement it is possible to pay money in cash to organizers.

XIX. Prizes
The members of the three best teams in each category are awarded medals, diplomas, and prizes.
The winning teams at Open Classes(MO, WO, JO) will be awarded with prizes.
The winners in each category will be nominated Russian Rogaining Champions of the year 2013.

XX. Organizing team
The organizing team is duly assigned to held the competition.

The organizing team:
Organizing team president:
S.Yu. Verbin (head of Khvalynsky Municipal Area administration)
Event director: Alexey Averyanov

Jury commetee:
Chief jury: Alexey Averyanov
Chief secretary: Olga Ermolova
Course setters and vetters: Dmitry Postnov, Konstantin Firsov

XXI. Contacts
Event web-site: rrc2013.rogaining.ru.

Organizer contacts:
Event director:  
Alexey Averyanov
E-mail:  e-mail -. Java-script
Phone: +79173135800, +78452588348
Irina Afanasyeva - hosting of foreign participants, phone +79172065395